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Challenge Streams 3.0

There will be a $1,000 prize for the winning group in each of the challenge streams below.

Challenge 1: Innovations in Automation

Enhance the fundamental aspects of aircraft handling (care, maintenance, guidance, luggage, etc.) through automation and bridge the gap in people power across the aviation domain.

Tags: automation, airfield, air control, people power

Challenge 2: Aerospace Redefined

Envision the near future of public travel into space. How can we extend into the upper atmosphere and beyond?

Tags: space travel, exploration, commercialization  

Challenge 3: Improving the Air Travel Experience 

Improve people’s experiences from booking to arriving at their final destination by innovating for health, safety, vehicle/aircraft design, airports and/or airline procedures.

Tags: health & safety, design, user experience

Challenge 4: Optimization at Any Altitute 

Develop a creative approach to bring piloted or un-piloted aviation technologies to solve challenges or create efficiencies in other sectors. How can new technologies and software be used to enhance daily life?

Tags: XR, UAV (drones), cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, AI 

Challenge 5: Play with a Purpose Sponsored by The Red Door Films

Use the inspiration of Avenger Field and the WWII Women of the Airforce Service Pilots to create an interactive toy 'universe' that will inspire young girls and underrepresented individuals to consider futures in aviation.

Tags: figurines, next gen, storytelling, dolls, toys, augmented reality