November 3-5, 2023

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    What is SkyHack?

    SkyHack is a weekend-long aviation focused design challenge. This event will enable you to explore issues in the aviation industry ranging from unmanned aerial vehicles, to pathogens on planes, to sustainability. Work together with students from multiple universities as you ‘hack’ and plan your way to various challenge stream prizes. This is a free event with food, refreshments and prizes. SkyHack is open to students from any U.S. university.


    SkyHack is presented by the Design Innovation Initiative and the College of Aeronautics and Engineering at Kent State University.


    SkyHack 2023 will be held November 3-5.

  • FAQs

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    Who can attend?

    Students, 18 and older, (undergrad and graduate) from any U.S. university may participate. Other professionals who wish to be involved may come and mentor.

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    When is SkyHack?

    November 3-5, 2023

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    Where is SkyHack?

    Skyhack will be in the Design Innovation Hub at Kent State University. The building address is:


    400 Janik Drive
    Kent, OH 44242-0001

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    What is the cost?

    Nothing! SkyHack is free for all to attend. We'll provide your meals and swag for the weekend, and in some cases we'll even provide travel reimbursement.

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    Available equipment?

    • Labs: You will have access to a variety of labs within the Design Innovation Hub.
    • Equipment: There will be a variety of equipment and hardware available. List to be posted soon


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    What are the rules?

    Teams can consist of 2-6 students, and the entire project must be built at the event. You are welcome to come with a team already assembled or form a team at the event.

  • Get Involved

    As a member of the Kent State community or industry partner, there are many ways to be a part of SkyHack.

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    Become A Sponsor

    We offer two sponsorship levels for the event: Cirrus and Stratus. Sponsors at these levels have the opportunity to act as mentors, judges, and even develop challenge streams for the hackathon. We also have several hackathon activities and spaces available to sponsor at various giving levels if you would prefer to participate in those opportunities.

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    Showcase Your Organization

    Signing up for the Industry Partner Showcase is a great way to introduce your organization to SkyHack particpants. Through participation in the showcase, your organization and other industry partners will get to meet and recruit participants for any open internships and professional experiences.

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    Mentor Students

    Can't commit to a sponsorship? Attend SkyHack as a mentor! Our mentors provide valuable direction and feedback to student teams throughout the weekend. Being a mentor gives industry professionals the unique opportunity to meet and work with college students preparing to enter the work force.

    Want to learn more about other ways to get involved?

  • Challenge Streams

    Develop solutions based on the challenge stream of your choice.

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    Advanced Air Mobility

    Find innovative ways to provide safe, efficient, and sustainable air transportation solutions for passengers and cargo.

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    Aerospace Redefined

    Address challenges connected to the exploration of Mars, the Moon, and beyond by prototyping innovations that might include the development of spacecraft, habitats, and technologies for human colonization and resource utilization.

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    Air-Travel Experience

    Improve people’s (customers, pilots, crew, airport employees, etc.) experiences in air travel. From booking to arriving at their final destination, your team’s innovations might address health, safety, vehicle/aircraft design, airports and/or airline procedures.

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    Sustainable Aviation

    Develop environmentally friendly aviation technologies or approaches.

  • Weekend Schedule

    All activities will occur in the Design Innovation Hub (DI HUB/DIH)

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    4pm-6pm: Check-In and "Find your Superpower" activity

    6pm: Opening Ceremony (Auditorium - DIH 219)

    7pm: Dinner at Eastway Dining Hall

    8pm: Team building and Idea generation


    10:30pm-11pm: Checkpoint 1 (initial team registration)

    11pm-11:30pm: Late Night Snacks (DI HUB 2nd Floor)

    12am: Exterior Doors Lock

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    7am: Exterior Doors Open

    9am-11am: Breakfast at Eastway

    11am-12pm: Checkpoint 2

    12pm-2pm: Lunch at Eastway

    5pm-7pm: Dinner at Eastway

    7pm-8pm: Checkpoint 3

    12am: Exterior Doors Lock

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    **Today marks daylight savings time. Don’t forget to set clocks back 1 hour.**

    7am: Exterior Doors Open

    7am-9am: Breakfast at DI Dining


    9am-9:30am: Checkpoint 4 (submissions completed in DEVPOST)

    9:30am-11am: Project Expo

    11am- 12pm: Break

    12pm: Closing Ceremony and Award Presentation (Auditorium - DIH 219)

  • Let's Get Social

    Follow Design Innovation on the social media platforms listed below for updates on registration, how to get involved, and more!

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  • Presented by:

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    Special thanks to the Burton D. Morgan Foundation

    Burton D. Morgan graduated in 1938 from Purdue with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a love for aviation. In 1967, he started Burton D. Morgan Foundation to support those with entrepreneurial aspirations. In October of 2017, the Foundation sponsored the first aviation-themed hackathon, SkyHack, at Kent State University in the College of Aeronautics and Engineering.

  • Our Sponsors

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